Future4Children establishes and operates schools, orphanages and education promoting projects for children together with local partner organizations.

How we work

Selecting partners and projects
For all our projects we prefer to collaborate with local organizations. We diligently select the partner organizations based on the following criteria;

  1. The organization has a track record of effective, efficient and ethical operation.
  2. The people involved are dedicated, enthusiastic and responsible.
  3. The project, with the intervention and support of Future4Children, has potential to thrive and to scale.

Operating the projects
Future4Children is actively involved in all parts of running its projects together with the local partner organizations. At regular intervals we make on-site visits, assess the progress of the projects, measure part outcomes and readjust accordingly.

Post projects
After each project there is a thorough evaluation both in terms of the planned versus the achieved impact, and the effectiveness of the used resources. We attentively try to take the experiences and learnings with us into subsequent projects.

How we assure quality

Future4Children has a Board of Trustees that is energetically overseeing all our undertakings. We meticulously and regularly evaluate what and how we perform and compare planned with actual outcomes. The public authorities routinely assess both our financial and general performance.


Future4Children finances its projects with donations from private individuals, companies, grant giving organizations and government agencies.

Future4Children limits its administration and overhead costs to less than 20% and assures that at least 80% of the donated funds goes directly into its projects. While running a project we keep tight financial control of the used funds.

An authorized accountant is overseeing and approves the accounts.


Read more about founder Trude Stene and her motivation for helping children across the globe, by clicking here https://future4children.com/about/


Nearly 264 million children around the world today cannot get a basic education. Read more about it here https://future4children.com/why-it-matters/

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