Home of Hope

Orphanage for boys and girls, China

The Home of Hope orphanage in Gongyi, about 1.500 km south-west of Beijing, is a home for 52 children. From newborns left at the gate in a small box, to former street- or cave children who now are 17 year old star college students.

Future4Children started supporting The Home of Hope, Gongyi in 2007. The orphanage was started by Nathan Bell, an American who while on a journey in the region, got touched by the incredible poverty and hardship, especially among the children. He went back home to the US, sold everything he had and set up an orphanage in Gongyi. A few years later Nathan was in dire need of help and support for “his” children.

Future4Children got involved both because of the geographic location of the orphanage, a very poor and area with limited natural resources, and because of the Nathan’s dedication and the affinity between his and Future4Children’s values.

What we did

For many years Future4Children helped financing the costs of caretaking (the main cost being the caretakers’s salaries and food/clothing/housing) and education (teachers and school material) through sponsoring of a number of the children.

All the children at the Home of Hope, Gongyi are being looked after until they can take responsibility for themselves, being a job right after the obligatory education, or being after finishing university. The results we see after years of looking after the children are that just about all the “alumni” thrive and are now resourceful citizens of society.

Most of the “alumni” keep in close contact and support the present children at the orphanage

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