Home of Hope

Orphanage for boys and girls, China

The Home of Hope orphanage in Pingyu, in the province of Henan, is a home for 27 children 8 to 14 years of age.

The Home of Hope Pingyu, was started with the support of Future4Children and opened in 2010. Future4Children learned to know the very young couple Michelle and Ben Goddard while they were volunteering at the first Home of Hope a few hours away in Gongyi. Michelle and Ben had come with their three young boys on one-way tickets from the USA to care for impoverished children in China.

Having witnessed their dedication and enthusiasm for three years, Future4Children found this couple be such a force in improving the lives of some of the impoverished children in the area, and decided to support Michelle and Ben’s dream to run  their own orphanage.

What we did

Future4Children did not only provide the main resources for setting up the orphanage, but has also financed the extension of the buildings.

Throughout the years Future4Children has also provided for basic running costs, computers and educational tools and transformed the ground from a heap of dirt to a garden where the children can both enjoy themselves, learn gardening and keep pets.

All the children who first came to the Home of Hope, Pingyu are still there, as all of them are still under 14 years old. They are all blossoming and thriving at school.

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