New Home

Orphanage for former street children, Moldova

New Home orphanage in Vadul lui Voda, about 25 km outside the capital Chisinau, is a home for about 40 former street children between 8 and 16 years of age.

Future4Children started supporting the New Home in 2007.

The orphanage was founded by the idealistic couple Tatiana and Igor Vorona, who initially started by opening their own little apartment to the homeless street-children in Chisinau, offering them a warm meal and a shower. After a few years the couple managed to build an orphanage and 32 children moved in. However, soon afterwards the couple struggled to finance even the basics such as food, clothing, and medicine.

Future4Children decided to support this orphanage based on the commitment of Tatiana and Igor and their holistic approach to improve the lives of suffering children.

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What we did

For a few years Future4Children supported the children at the New Home with necessities such as food, clothing and medicine; school material and computers; ;and possibilities to do activities outof school such as sports and music.

In 2010 after the orphanage was running effectively, the government took over all the financial needs, which was exactly what we were hoping and aiming for.


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