Future for Children’s Income Investment Scheme Bears Fruit: Empowering Communities for a Better Tomorrow


At Future for Children, we believe that empowering mothers directly benefits their children and the entire community.

In 2023, through our innovative pilot project “Income Investment Scheme”, we have witnessed tangible results in 3 women groups. This project aims to provide financial support and opportunities for self-sufficiency to these communities.

The process began with a deal – whatever amount the groups could save collectively for start-up investments, we pledged to match it. Encouraging them to open bank accounts was the first step in this journey, and we are thrilled with the enthusiasm and effort they have shown to make this initiative a success.


The Results

Group N.1Di Cwinyi, has ventured into beekeeping to produce honey. While their beehives are wild and not in conventional boxes, they are determined to protect these precious insects and safely collect honey. Although the hives are not yet ready for honey collection, the members promised that the first taste would be reserved for us 🙂 . This endeavour not only promises financial gains for the community but also contributes to environmental conservation through beekeeping.

Group N.2BedKigen, has focused on buying and selling seeds. Before this initiative, community members had to travel long distances on dusty and potholed roads to purchase seeds from the nearest town, which was 30-40 km away. With no public transport available, renting boda-bodas (motorbike taxis) became an expensive and inconvenient necessity. With their seed business thriving, the burden of long and expensive travels has been alleviated for the entire community.

Group N.3Lacek, embarked on goat breeding in January with just 11 goats. Today, they have an impressive count of 17 goats, a testament to their dedication and hard work! Goat breeding not only provides a sustainable source of income for the community but also contributes to food security as goats can provide milk and meat for families.

It is heartwarming to witness the positive impact of these initiatives on both mothers and their children. By empowering mothers to take charge of their economic well-being, we are indirectly investing in the future of their children.

Financial stability allows mothers to provide better nutrition, education, and healthcare for their families, setting the stage for healthier and brighter futures.

The success of our income investment scheme reinforces our commitment to empowering communities and fostering self-sufficiency. Future4Children will continue to explore innovative ways to create lasting positive change in the lives of those we serve. 

Together, we can build a better tomorrow for women, children, and communities across the globe.

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