Our founder Trude Stene visited the project “WAWAS” in Cochabamba-Bolivia

Project “WAWAS” in Cochabamba-Bolivia

Our founder Trude Stene has been in Cochabamba Bolivia visiting some of the schools where the project “WAWAS” has been implemented. She has interviewed the team of our local partner Huellas & Futuro to see the new challenges of this second phase of “WAWAS”.

This encounter has confirmed once more that Future4Children is achieving its goals and changing many children’s lives, ensuring for them better conditions to live within a safe environment free from violence and therefore practice fully their right to access integral education.

Future4Children considers vital that the projects that we support do not only bring a positive outcome, but it rather generates a sustainable impact that changes behaviour, attitudes, values and mind sets to benefit current and future generations. Hence, the project “WAWAS Phase 2” is now being implemented aiming to impact 10 000 abused/at risk children by 2021.

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